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Spike Sublimation T-Shirts are Unisex, Lightweight and 'Soft to the Touch'

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What is Sublimation Printing?

Sublimation Printing is a unique, versatile and new digital printing process. It enables full colour, all over prints to be absorbed into the fabric. The result is a much softer, lighter feel and means the t-shirt is more comfortable to wear. It also allows us to achieve ‘all over’ printing from the top of the neck to the bottom of the hem!

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Why choose Sublimation Printing?

Own brand t-shirts are ideally suited to sublimation printing as each item is unique, handmade and enables increased design flexibility for increased individuality.

Key Benefits

  • Garment designs are sharp, vivid with high resolution.
  • Dye is absorbed into the fabric creating a softer, lighter feel.
  • Print design areas are not restricted as with conventional printing techniques. We can on one side, both sides or (almost) anywhere on the garment!
  • The perfect technology for developing fashionable, ‘own brand’ clothing ranges.
  • Ideally suited for ‘all over’ randomly placed designs, not position specific.
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How Sublimation Printing Works?

All over T- Shirt printing is now an exciting reality produced by an amazing ‘Dye Sublimation’ printing process.

Your artwork is printed onto a sheet of specially prepared paper and then transferred onto your t-shirt using heat and pressure. The solid dye particles turn into a gas which then bonds to the t-shirt. The result - a fantastic ‘soft to the feel all over print.

Key Benefits

  • Sharp, vivid and high-resolution images for all-over printed T- Shirts and clothing
  • Designs can be printed on both sides, one side or practically anywhere.
  • Superb quality, amazing visual impact.
  • Minimum order quantity: 300
Image of musician at Woodstock printed onto a t-shirt

How Does Sublimation Differ?

With Dye Sublimation the dye is actually absorbed into the material as opposed to ink sitting on top of the material as with screen printing. Because of this, only light colored shirts can be used to Dye Sublimate. The major difference is the ability to print not in four or six color as with screen printing, but FULL COLOR. Imagine the possibilities of being able to print full color photo quality images onto t-shirts, hoodies and more.

Spike Sublimation T-Shirts are unisex, lightweight and ‘soft to the touch’.

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