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  • Dr Who

    Dr Who

        So Why Doctor Who? Doctor Who has been on British television screens for over 50 years and is one of the...

  • Tower Bridge London

    Tower Bridge London

    The buyers at Tower Bridge were aware that their famous London landmark would be appearing in the Paddington Bear 2 movie at the...

  • Paddington Bear 2

    Paddington Bear 2

    The Paddington Bear 2 movie has been released and is receiving huge publicity in the media. To commemorate the movie Spike Leisurewear is...

  • New Harry Potter T-Shirts

    New Harry Potter T-Shirts

    Two New Harry Potter T-Shirts Available for Christmas   Spike Leisurewear is pleased to announce the launch of two new Harry Potter...

  • Autumn Fair News

    Autumn Fair News

    We have just returned from a very successful Autumn Fair. Harry Potter t-shirts were undoubtedly the star of the show and this brand seems to be...

  • New Ranges

    New Ranges

    We are delighted to announce two new ranges - Pets Rock and Brandalised!