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Spring Fair - only 2 days to go

The first three days of Spring Fair are now over, with to two more to go.

At Spike Leisurewear we are very pleased with the reaction to our new ranges and it looks as though Spring Fair 2018 will be our best ever exhibition.

Star Wars has been a great success and we are surprised at just how popular the brand is.

Yellow Submarine by The Beatles is celebrating its 50th anniversary and customers have been ordering our new range of merchandise.

Harry Potter continues to sell extremely well and our new designs received the thumbs up from visitors today.

Music Legends is a new range, featuring David Bowie, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan and Ed Sheeran. It has created a lot of interest and sales have been promising.

Hysterical Histories continues to delight and amuse. The range has doubled in size this year due to its incredible success in 2017.

The Flying Scotsman train can be seen chugging around the Spike stand on a track. (Well, a model of it, not the real thing.) Over the five days it will travel nearly 20 miles!

If you haven’t visited Spring Fair yet, you still have another two days to come along.

For more information or to receive a catalogue, call the office on 020 8427 3740 or email